7th International Caparica Conference on Analytical Proteomics 2021

12th – 15th July 2021 | Caparica | Portugal

Plenary Speakers

Joshua LaBaer, PhD

Affiliation: ASU- The Biodesign Institute (USA)

Title: New Methods for Cell-Free Presentation of Proteins for Functional Analysis.

Jürgen Cox, PhD

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Germany)

Title: MaxDIA enables library-based and library-free data-independent acquisition proteomics.

Jacek R. Wisniewski, PhD

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (Germany)

Title: Global quantitative proteomics using the FASP and TPA methods.

Alan Wells, PhD

Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Title: The dermal matrix: a proteomic wonderland.

Xian Chen, PhD

Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)

Jeremiah Morrissey, PhD

Affiliation: Washington University in St. Louis (USA)

Title: Maximizing assay sensitivity and specificity to minimize false negatives and false positives for patient wellbeing.

Chris Overall, PhD

Affiliation: Canada Research Chair in Protease Prote- omics and Systems Biology (Canada)

Title: The Proteolytic Landscape of SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro in COVID-19.

Merry L. Lindsey, PhD

Affiliation: University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA)

Title: Proteomics reveals protein targets to limit wall thinning after myocardial infarction.

Daniel Martins-de-Souza, PhD

Affiliation: University of Campinas (Brazil)

Title: SARS-CoV-2 infects brain astrocytes of COVID-19 patients and impairs neuronal viability.

Martin Pabst, PhD

Affiliation: Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

Title: A systematic study to maximise proteome coverage while minimizing artefacts through sample preparation procedures in yeast large-scale proteomics.

Martin R. Larsen, PhD

Affiliation: University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

Title: Comprehensive PTM enrichment strategies applied to studying signaling pathways.